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Computational Geosciences Seminar, EARTH 310

Fridays, 12:30-1:30 in Mitchell 350/372

The speakers will talk about a wide range of Earth science problems, with an emphasis on numerical method and algorithmic development. We'll have 9 speakers from Jan. 12- Mar. 9, and 6 will be from the Bay Area. Students and faculty can sign up each week to meet with speakers. If you want 1 hr pass/fail credit, sign up for EARTH 310.

Tentative speaker list

  • Jan. 12, Pascale Garaud (UCSC) Shear instabilities at low Peclet number
  • Jan. 19, Dan Martin (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) Modeling Antarctic ice sheet dynamics with adaptive mesh refinement using BISICLES
  • Jan. 26, Taylor Perron (MIT) The long reach of river networks
  • Feb. 2, Brad Mallison (Chevron) A finite volume framework for fractured reservoir simulation
  • Feb. 9, Joshua White (Lawrence Livermore National Lab) Open research challenges in computational geomechanics
  • Feb. 16, Dario Grana (University of Wyoming) Statistical methods for geophysical inversion and data assimilation problems with applications to CO2 sequestration and near surface geophysics
  • Feb. 23, Per-Olof Persson (UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Fluid and Solid Mechanics
  • Mar. 2, Qingkai Kong (UC Berkeley) How do we build a global smartphone seismic network?
  • Mar. 9, Jeffrey Shragge (Colorado School of Mines) Microseismic 3D Elastic Velocity Inversion: A Marcellus Shale Case Study